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Meet Dr. Josline Hampson

Her Passion Led the Way

Southwest Edmonton Chiropractor Dr. Josline Hampson

Dr. Josline Hampson

Dr. Josline has had a passion for health care and helping people since she was a young girl. After a couple years in nursing school she soon realised she was only helping “sick” people. “I wanted to help people get well and stay well.”

Her sister’s positive experience with chiropractic care as a teenager was amazing and the inspiration stuck with Dr. Josline and left her whole family excited about chiropractic care.

From there, Dr. Josline finished her undergraduate degree in nutrition at the University of Manitoba before moving on to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, graduating in 2003.

Immersion Into Chiropractic

Dr. Josline remembers how meaningful it was to attend her own chiropractor’s school. His advice to her was to devote as much time outside of school, visiting clinics and spending time with other chiropractors.

She took that advice and whenever she wasn’t at school, she was immersing herself in other chiropractic environments. From helping at the clinic to doing health workshops, she cherishes her experience and memories working with those chiropractors in the community.

My goal has always been to help every member of the family get well.” Dr. Josline

Helping Southwest Edmonton Get and Stay Well

As her passion was always to help people get healthy, Dr. Josline is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). She’s certified in the Webster Technique for expecting mothers as she’s passionate about helping moms-to-be after seeing the benefits during her own pregnancies.

She’s also certified in Activator Methods® technique. Unity Wellness is the chiropractic and massage therapy care facility for the Edmonton Eskimos Cheer Team since 2007.

An Experience for the Entire Family

Dr. Josline especially enjoys it when patients get so excited about chiropractic care that they bring in their friends and family to experience it for themselves.

Dr. Josline still enjoys seeing entire families come in and get well and stay well, and seeing children jump on the table, excitedly bickering about who gets to get adjusted first.

“Kids innately get that being adjusted is just amazing!”

Dr. Josline is married to her husband Steve. Together, they are raising their two school-age children, Jackson and Sofie. As a family, they enjoy being outside, biking and visiting their favourite place, Jasper National Park.

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