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Reflexology in Southwest Edmonton

Meet Janis

JanisJanis’s original career began as a Registered Nurse. Nursing has been called “The Caring Art,” and an art it is! Merriam-Webster defines art in several definitions, the first as “a skill acquired by experience, study or observation.” The skill to her, is learning the science of studies. For example, anatomy and physiology.

All nurses learn how a heart functions, but nurses have to look into patients hearts, as matters of the heart, when thoughts in the mind often become a struggle. This is the “caring” portion of the art and science.

Health care personnel make differences in the lives of others because of the empathy. Empathy means the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel what they are feeling.

Janis nursed in 4 provinces and the United States, in acute and long-term care, home care, minor emergency, oncology and tele-health. She has owned health related businesses and worked in a physician clinic. That’s a lot of experience! And that experience taught her that it is the smallest of gestures that make the biggest differences. It’s holding someones hand, its crying with someone, it’s offering a foot massage, it’s stroking a forehead…

Janis has 4 beautiful and creative children and 13 wonderful grandchildren who continue to teach and inspire her. Both her family and work experiences have led her to Reflexology.


  • Level 3 BC Ref – Canadian Reflexology Certification Board September 2016
  • Completed a Reflexology Course of 175+ hours plus 40 hours Anatomy & Reflexology
  • 40 hours Professional Ethics compliant with the CRCB Reflexology Blueprint
  • European Reflexology – Universal College of Reflexology – certificate PENDING
  • Professional Foot Reflexology Practitioner-Universal College of Reflexology July 2016

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