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Meet Dr. Stephanie Imeson

Leading by Example

After high school, I was unsure of what career path I wanted to take. I was always interested in health care and decided that science would be a good place to start. I pursued a degree in Biology and Psychology with a focus in pharmacology at the University of Alberta.

Through the course of my undergraduate degree, a family member spoke of their experiences with a chiropractor and how their health and overall well-being had dramatically improved. Intrigued by their success, I researched and fell in love with the ideologies and techniques of Chiropractic. In 2012, I enrolled in the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto and graduated in 2016.

Care for All

During my time at CMCC, I developed an interest in pre and postnatal chiropractic care. I am formally trained in Webster Technique, which specializes in management of the pregnancy related pelvic and low back pain. Being a runner myself, I also enjoy treating the aches and pains that befall long distance runners. Overall, I enjoy treating families, from newborn babes to those in their 90s!

Dr. Stephanie, Jamie, and their dog, Dougie

Dr. Stephanie, Jamie, and their dog, Dougie

Outside of the Practice

I live with my husband Jamie, son Jakob, and our dog Dougie in Edmonton. Together, we enjoy traveling, watching Jeopardy!, and spending time with our friends and family.


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