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Chiropractic Care

Meet the people who are going to make all the difference.

Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Stephanie Imeson

Dr. Stephanie is a “hands on” chiropractor, providing care for the whole family. She has dedicated herself  to providing quality chiropractic care to her patients by taking the time to get to know them and building a true
health plan.

Dr. Dana Boos

Dr. Dana Boos joins us with a wealth of knowledge in the area of Chiropractic by not only earning her Doctorate of Chiropractic, but a Masters in Sports Therapy. She makes sure to analyze each patient from differing points of view to determine where the true problem lies.

Dr. Elyse

Dr. Elyse Soleas

Dr. Elyse has more to offer than just Chiropractic- an expert adjuster, she is also certified in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture.

What To Expect

An experience at Unity Wellness is like no other. We’ve designed our office to offer healing that approaches your health from a whole body perspective. It feels like home when you enter.

Our Chiropractic Techniques

We offer “traditional” chiropractic adjustments, gentle “Activator” adjustments, and chiropractic care for the whole family. We invite you to learn more about the techniques we use in our office.

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