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Meet the Team

Unity Wellness is proud of its extensive multidisciplinary team of practitioners to guide you on the path to wellness. We take a holistic approach to your care, addressing every part of your health from the emotional support from our staff psychologist to the skilled spinal adjustments of our experienced chiropractor. Exercise is a fundamental part of our care regimen and we offer physiotherapist and yoga instructors to get you feeling great inside and out. Take a moment to get to know our amazing staff:

spruce-grove-chiropractor-smallDr. Josline Hampson – Chiropractic

Dr. Josline has had a passion for health care and helping people since she was a young girl. After a couple years in nursing school she soon realised she was only helping “sick” people. “I wanted to help people get well and stay well.”

Her sister’s positive experience with chiropractic care as a teenager was amazing and the inspiration stuck with Dr. Josline and left her whole family excited about chiropractic care… More about Dr. Josline.


Edmonton_Chiropractor_StephanieDr. Stephanie Imeson (Knauer) – Chiropractic

After high school, I was unsure of what career path I wanted to take. I was always interested in health care and decided that science would be a good place to start. I pursed a degree in Biology and Psychology with a focus in pharmacology at the University of Alberta… More about Dr. Stephanie.


Dr. Lindsay Barker – Chiropractic

Coming Soon… More about Dr. Lindsay.


Ashley & Mekelle – Massage Therapy

Coming Soon… More about Massage.
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Unity Wellness | Meet the Team